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April 13, 2017
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CRM Solutions Malaysia

Choosing The Right CRM Solutions Malaysia Provider and Companies

How Much Does A CRM Solutions Malaysia Cost?

When you are looking for a CRM Solutions Malaysia for your business, the first concern is often the cost, which is also one of the main things to focus on. The reason businesses is interested in using a customer relationship management (CRM) system is usually to manage their sales, customer service, technical support and marketing sales efforts.

However, CRM software pricing can vary greatly from one provider to the next. From totally free to hundreds or thousands of ringgit, CRM software can range dramatically in price. Some businesses may be tempted to try one of the free CRM solutions on the market today. But before taking up such a solution, take note that these free options do not offer the same features you will find with paid solutions.

If you would like to accurately gauge the price of an ideal CRM solution, it is best to compare several suppliers and payment schemes for the features offered which meet your business needs. Bear in mind that the challenging part is that CRM pricing does not adhere to any standardized scheme, hence the huge value gaps from one product to the other.

Most vendors offer a subscription-based pricing model, which can depend on various factors, such as the offered features or the number of users. So, you can expect to pay on a per-user or per-month basis. There are also vendors who offer a flat monthly subscription fee for a number of users but require larger packages or additional fees or more users in future expansion. Pricing can vary from RM50 per user per month to hundreds of ringgit per month, depending on your business requirements.

Unsure of which solutions to choose for your organization? Or do not have a budget for CRM software, yet would like to know it’s capabilities offered? The best method would be to try out a free trial from vendors. It is undeniable that choosing a CRM is not always easy. But by comparing at the features and pricing, a business owner can make a fully-informed decision. There are also many CRM providers who are able to offer a customized demo to interested clients, or even a free 30-days trial for them to try out.

How To Choose The Right CRM Solution Provider In Malaysia For Your Business?

Choosing the best suitable CRM Solution Provider in Malaysia for your business can be both straightforward and tricky. But it can be evaluated based on the continuous feedback provided between the vendor and you. It is also advisable to look into at least two providers in order to compare their CRM offerings. Here is a list of areas to think about when choosing a CRM vendor.

  1. Vendor’s Profile and Review

A good method to find out more about the vendors you are considering is to study their websites. From there, you can get some ideas on the types of companies that the particular vendor works with and also the company’s size. It is better to look at providers who have worked with organizations or industries which are similar to your business. Checking on their online reviews from their customers is another great way to know more about the providers. Also, find out the types of CRM solutions that is offered, as you will want a vendor who can meet your business needs.

  1. Years in the business – Think long-term

Nowadays there are many startup companies in the market who can offer various CRM solutions to businesses. When considering CRM vendors, it is better to choose vendors who have been in the CRM market for a longer period of time. A supplier that has the capabilities to grow together with you is the best. The last thing you would want to do is to change vendors after only a year or two because your vendor can no longer meet your needs. A vendor who has been in the market for years also reflects the amount of experience in implementing and deploying the solutions successfully.

  1. Free Trial Or Assisted Demo

Take some time and check out at least a few demos or videos from the vendor to have an idea of how the system works. It will help you understand the system usage better. It is best to start with an assisted online demo, and after that, move onto a free trial. With an assisted demo, you let the salesperson guide you through the software, showing you how to navigate and use the system. While watching the demo or playing in the system, ensure that you evaluate the user interface and its ease of use. Check with the provider on how many clicks it takes to perform a particular tasks or processes. How user friendly is the system? How intuitive is the user interface? Are all the buttons labeled correctly? After going through the demo, request the vendor for a free trial, in order to play around the system on your own and understand how complex or simple it works. Find out how many screens to traverse to perform a specific task? Also, how good or detailed is the tooltips and help documentations?

Finding The Best CRM Solution Companies Malaysia

Choosing the right or best CRM Solution Companies Malaysia for your business is important because they could be similar products, yet you cannot expect just any software or tool to be suitable for your organization. Have a little research, short listing, talking with the vendors and then taking a demo before actually finalising on the software.

As a professional service provider for CRM, Firstlink offers an affordable, ease-of-use, on-demand Customer Relationship Management software applications, named Bee Solution. It is a new era mobile office highlights on Be Effective and Efficient. The solution focuses in managing customer database to generate actionable insight about customers, improve customer retention and sales resources management that enhance sales team productivity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation seem to always start out with the greatest intention. However, it often doesn’t work out as desired. Because CRM implementation success requires focus on people, not technology. So, what make Firstlink different from others? As a start, Firstlink understands client’s concerns and always provide follow up and support sessions. Firstlink knows the importance of value for money and ease of implementation. Most importantly, Firstlink consists of a team of experts in consulting and managing the system.

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