What and Why CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a business tool that helps your company manage customer database , increase sales team productivity and improve customer service. (more detail click on “Features”)


In fact all businesses can benefit from implementing CRM.
Here are some indication whether your company need a CRM:

  • Are you able to view all sales activities at a click of a button ?
  • Are you able to view all the sales opportunities being follow up by the sales team as and when you want?
  • Are you able to analyse why the sales are lost ?
  • Can your sales team access to full customer information anytime anywhere ?
  • Are all your customer information such as key contacts, past and ongoing interactions, important documents, service records , business opportunities etc.  stored in one centralised system and accessible to everyone in the organization that serve the customers (sales, service , marketing)?
  • Do you know how many deals your sales team lost last quarter and why they lost them?
  • Do you know how many customer service issues each customer had and why?
  • Are your happy with the amount of time your sales people spend currently on administrative tasks?

If your answer to the above questions are negative then your company surely will benefit greatly from CRM.

How to Implement Firstlink CRM

Our consultant will meet you to understand your business requirement and advice you on the package suitable for your company. Upon receiving your purchase order and fees. Your Account will be activated.

Your investment depend on the package you subscribe to. It is very affordable and as much as a cup of “kopi O” a day!

Subscription fees includes the full use of features available in your selected package, secure storage of your data, continue support and unlimited version upgrades with no extra charges

Yes. We have regular user training classes at our training centres.

We provide onsite implementation which include business process study , users training and follow up sessions. Most of our clients prefer onsite implementation as they can see the greater and faster results

Firstlink CRM has data import function that allows data to be imported directly from the Excel CSV files.

The data belongs to you. You can export your data as Excel csv files easily.

Our sales consultant will help you establish the suitability Firstlink CRM to business before you make a decision. However in any circumstances that you wish to stop the implementation within 30 days we guarantee full refund of your subscription fees.

CRM is a business solution and its implementation involve users across the business organisation. Our experience over the years shows that free trial is not an effective way in assessing the CRM. We are more than pleased to work with you to guide you through the process and you can make an informed decision. We provide money back guarantee in case you find it does not meet your expectation.